Sunday, December 27, 2009

a sunday in the south

Hi and thanks for coming by.
Church was good today and we had a very nice and fun time in Sunday school but i have fought the most awful headache all day.To the point that i am fighting throwing up as well.This is awful.When Rita came and got the boys i didn't even get off the couch!I was so ,so sick .I fell asleep on the couch after that for a couple hours and Jeff woke me going to town.I ask him to get me some alka seltzer plus,goody powders and a coke.I pray that helps.The headache is a little better now but still it is there and i am just weak all over.I am stuffy in my head also.I don't know it could be a severe sinus attack..i don't know.i just know it is awful.
Next week we will begin planning our Easter play at church i have high hopes for that.I think it will be a great experience for them and me.Easter is a great time.A time to reflect on what Jesus did for us and to remember he will return.He will return for you and me to save us from all this pain down here.What are you planning for Easter?Besides the church worship and play we have a family and friend Easter party here at the old place.It is always fun,we have dinner on the grounds under he large magnolia trees and then play games with kids and adults and then the big egg hunt for the kids...
Hope your week ahead is wonderful and safe and happy new year!

Betty R~Starting Again