Wednesday, December 23, 2009

America turning a blind eye to our well being

America turning a blind eye to our well being

ok people,now our pets are are putting off more carbon footprint than an SUV!The enviromental footprint left by our pets is just way too high!WHEN ARE WE GOING TO STOP THIS NONSENCE AND LET OUR GOVERNMENT KNOW WE ARE NOT THIS STUPID!Dogs eat too much meat and cats eat too much my cat eats the rats that spreads disease ..RIGHT!
so what are we suppose to do,eat them!?
Sometimes ,no a lot of times lately ,i wonder who these people are that are in charge of all these ''new findings''?what planet did they come from?They come up with this this crap for their own hidden ajendas and laugh at us at home on how dumb we are are and how easily we can be led to slaughter!WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!
tHIS IS LIKE THE HEALTH CARE BILL THAT PRESIDENT OBAMA IS PUSHING...they are doing a test on it today and looks like they are going to slam it through for the president tomorrow so he can say it was a success on the state of the union address coming up!Even though the american people are against it,the majority,they are pushing it like we want it and it will be good for us.NO! i DO NOT WANT TO PAY FOR A BABY TO BE SLAUGHTERED IN AN ABORTION..and yes we will when this passes,just wait and see.They are trying to make it look good by giving different states extra money for medicare etc..Who is paying for this people?We are !We will be taxed to death..or starvation one!You better hope you have cattle,pigs,chickens and plenty of ammo to protect your home,family and food very soon!You think i am crazy?Just wait and see.The great america we love is falling fast..Well that's what happens when we move God out,evil prevails!
Have you ever known a time when bills are being passed that the american people are against one behind the other and nothings stopping them?I am afraid nothing short of a rebellion will stop this administration now.And not too mention he is pushing the NEW WORLD ORDER!Dont think so,just google that and you will be floored!
I know all of this has to happen to fulfill the bible,but i also know prayer can hold things off when the time is not right.
This is a scary time for a lot of people and a lot of people are going to be fearful when they find out all of this and more is happening right behind their back...Time is running out to prevent the worse thing this country has ever saw,,,Well maybe not.The native americans were done this way and america allowed it to happen...I guess we will see it come around on the people again....

May God forgive us!

betty r